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angel(s) falling from Heaven.

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iocane7 said: I love your My Fair Watson art! Made that much funnier, to me, by knowing that Freddy Eynsford-Hill in the My Fair Lady film grew up to be Sherlock Holmes in the Granada version.


How did I not recognize Jeremy Brett in My Fair Lady?! My whole world has been flipped upside down.



Laughing and crying at the irony… cause we all know Freddy doesn’t get Eliza in the end.

John got Sherlock a special book for his birthday: How to be a Better Husband. Sherlock read the first chapter (“Truth soothes”) and decided to try it out. Now, John regrets his life decisions.

Ok, story time:

John, now in his thirties, goes back to his hometown to visit a special tree, the tree that brought him and Sherlock together as the dearest of childhood friends. Sherlock had always loved to play pretend with John and assumed the persona of a genius detective capable of solving any mystery. John eventually realizes, however, that this is not just a game. Sherlock begins to act strangely by the end of that summer, crying or throwing temper tantrums for no reason. When John asks him what is wrong, Sherlock makes up a story about an arch-nemesis, Moriarty, who is out to kill him. John soon realizes that Moriarty isn’t a person and that this is one mystery no one can solve.


Note: Each image is a gif and should be animated. I noticed that some of them freeze on slower computers so if one of them is frozen, click here for the still-frame version of this post.

Man! I finally got this story out of my system! Lol. Sorry if some of the gifs are sloppy. I got really lazy towards the end. (Also, in case, it wasn’t obvious, “Moriarty” is Sherlock’s metaphor for some terminal hereditary disease that he knows will kill him.)

Also, I had originally intended for this to be a mock-trailer, set to the song, Somewhere only we know" by Keane.

Work in progress…

LOL. So if you’ve been a follower for a while, you’d know that I’ve been chugging away at a kid!Sherlock story for a while now and I keep giving up.

It started out as an animation, but I got impatient and scrapped that. Then, I promised you guys, I’d write a fic about it instead… Well, that was a pretty stupid promise for me to make. I write and edit manuscripts for a living so 40 hrs of that per week kind of kills all desires to write in my free time.

Well, now I’m going back to the animation idea but instead of making a full animation, I’m going to cheat and make a gif set.

Stay tuned! (and I seriously won’t cop out this time…)

  • Artist: Difa
  • Track: Dumb Ways to Die -- fandom version

click to play

Mahou Shonen Watson Magica

…I take this fandom to the strangest places.

Um… so this song came up on my playlist while I was working and I couldn’t help myself…

What can I say? John’s been preparing for this moment for three years.

From that day forth, Sherlock never saw opera the same way again.

Heh. I hope some of you are nerdy enough to know which opera I’m referring to here.

I’ve been listening to Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute) all day during work and I kept picturing Mycroft as the Queen of the Night…

I don’t know why I find Mycroft in drag so plausible (and amusing) but I do. Besides, nonsensical pictures are forgivable on April Fool’s Day.

(Also, here are the translated lyrics for those who don’t speak/read German. In the picture, Mycroft is singing the lines: “Disowned may you be forever! Abandoned may you be forever! Destroyed be forever!” which will probably be followed by, “if you do not put on your trousers!”)

Watson: Who said anything about husbands?
Sherlock: I did. Told Mike this morning that I must be a difficult man to find a husband for. Now here he is, just out to lunch with an old friend.

I re-watched Study in Pink, and I could not un-think this in my head.

In another world, this is how we met.

"Is this yours?"

"Yes, it’s for an experiment."

"An ex—"

"A social experiment."


"The name’s Sherlock Holmes. Address: 221b Baker Street. Come tonight at 7, not a minute late. Ta!"


"A cup of tea, Jawwwn? A nice, hot cup of tea with a lot of sssssssssugar?"

(I’m sure I’m not the only one going a bit crazy over the wait for season 3…)

Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars?

I could really use a wish right now, a wish right now, a wish right now.

- “Airplanes” by B.o.B.

- - -

Sorry, this is a really half-assed WIP. I got lazy and need to go out for a bit so I’ll finish this later.

So here’s the deal with this pic:

In this Wholock AU, John decides to build his own replica of the Tardis and sits in it every night, wishing the Doctor would come to help him find and save Sherlock from the Fall.

When it’s all done, this picture is going to go in the Tardis on my blog so it’ll make more sense later (see current theme).

Also, Sherlock will look more like a ghost in the finished picture.