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angel(s) falling from Heaven.

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The Sherbit: Unexpectedly spirited ‘holme’

"Your name—I remember it now. Your name is Sherlock Holmes."

In which, Sherlock gets turned into Smaug and needs Hobbit!Watson to remember his real name to free both of them from the spell.

(My train of thought went something along the lines of: Smaug = dragon & dragon = Haku, Smaug = Cumberbatch & Cumberbatch = Sherlock, therefore Sherlock = Haku… yeeah I don’t think there’s anything I can’t crossover with Sherlock)

- - -

And here’s little Mycroft floating down after them. He had a little too much cake.

Disclaimer: I totally traced the faces from Miyazaki’s Spirited Away (like you couldn’t tell…) but the hair and clothing alterations are my own.