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angel(s) falling from Heaven.

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This is for the new Let’s Draw Sherlock challenge. Don’t know if Gil Elvgren counts as “fine art” but I just couldn’t resist. (Besides, as someone with a B.A. in Art History, I consider Elvgren worthy of being studied, so there!)

I picture Molly saying something along the lines of: "Jim — oh, Jimmy! I think I cut my finger while flaying that corpse for you."

Molliarty like no tomorrow!

(Also, I was originally going to draw Mycroft in drag again but then I got a sudden urge to draw boobs… I regret nothing.)

I imagine this is how Sherlock would die if Molly was Moran.

Yes, I’m on a Maroon 5 high.

I present to you…

Molly Hooper, Shieldmaiden of Baker Street.

"The one who counted."

She’s disguised in the robes of the enemy.

Everytime I rewatch The Return of the King I get all these feels, and the Eowyn feels are among the greatest (up there with all those hobbit feels). I’ve watched the trilogy at least 20 times now (for each movie) and I still cry. Every. Fucking. Time.