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This tumblr is turning into an arts & crafts blog…

Sorry, still art blocked and still nothing new to upload so in the meantime, here are some hand-made/hand-drawn snowglobes I made for my close friends this xmas! The first one features my bff’s original character (Anora) and the rest of these are Hogwarts themed (in case you can’t tell). So far, there are two Gryffs, one Slyth, and one Claw among my friends. I still have two more of these to finish (since I got lazy): one Puff, and another Slyth. ^-^

I haven’t been posting much lately because… guess which site I finally checked out?? Pottermore is now officially on the list of things that are taking over my life. If you have an account, feel free to add me!

Anyways, I’ve started a new blog dedicated to everything in the HP universe, but mainly focusing on the story of Elliot Brie (my Pottermore self/chara). I’ll be doodling and drawing hp comics (mostly PM inspired) for that blog. So if Potter is your cup of tea, come check it out!


Presenting… my Pottermore self and her backstory!

Click HERE to read the full version. Or read on for the short version…

(edit: I made this version even shorter… with some comic relief)

  • Username: MahoganyBlade23834 (feel free to add me :> )
  • Name: Elliot Brie, nicknamed “El”
  • House: Hufflepuff
  • Year: 5
  • Personality: Friendly, loyal, protective (of everyone but herself), trustworthy, loves food and comfy things, and is a bit oblivious. 
  • Relationship with a guy named “Pinot”:  Pinot Wentworth comes from a respectable, pureblood, Slytherin family. In other words, he’s your typical smug bastard. He’s one year older than El but they end up in the same Defense Against the Dark Arts class cause El’s just that badass at dueling. Pinot is picked to duel her and he’s like, “WTF man?? I don’t want to waste my bamf-ness on this midget of a Hufflepuff.” El’s all like, “I give no fucks” and sends him flying across the room before he even has a chance to react. At first, Pinot’s all like, “Fucking bitch!! I will ‘Voldemort’ you into a dead headmaster!” but no matter how hard he tries, he still can’t win against El. Then, after a while, Pinot’s feelings start to change and suddenly one day, he’s like “Bullocks! I think I might like her…a little.” And “a little” turns into “a lot” and “a lot” into “damn, I can’t get enough of her/him” until finally, they become kind of like an old married couple. ….and the story goes on from there.

I’ll be developing El’s story on this tumblr with doodles and comics and such. Also, apologies in advance for any mistakes with the Potter world (ie: the totally inaccurate robes). It’s been half a decade since I read the books.