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angel(s) falling from Heaven.

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This is my bittersweet farewell.


I was going to clean this up and maybe slap on some color but I kind of teared up halfway through. Eleven and the Ponds have such a special place in my heart, I can’t even begin to put it into words.

I’ll probably come back to this and finish it later, but for now, have an emotional sketch.


Losing Eleven is like that awful moment in your childhood when you realize that Santa and “Happily ever afters” don’t exist, and that you’ll never get a letter from Hogwarts or be able to fly like Peter Pan.

I have nothing against the new Doctor or Capaldi, but he’ll be just Doctor, not the Doctor. Eleven was my first Doctor, my favorite Doctor, the Doctor that made me laugh, the Doctor that made me cry, the Doctor that taught me to believe in myself always, the Doctor that made me see the beauty in everything, the Doctor that instilled in me an unbreakable hope and faith in the goodness of people, the Doctor that taught me to love more deeply than I thought I could… He was my Doctor.

It hurts, because he mattered. So, so much.

Goodbye, Raggedy Man.


First Rory, then Amy, and now… Eleven.

My heart will never be whole again.

Wow. I’m pretty late in getting the news, but WHAT?

NO. This is not ok!

The first ever DW episode I watched was the one where Eleven met Amy, so Eleven became the doctor for me.

Oh my heart! It is in shambles.


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I quite like this snogbox of yours.

Oh my gaaaaaaaaaahd! Could tonight’s episode have been any more brilliant?! I love Clara so so much! I never thought I would ever ship the Doctor with a companion, but goddamn. These two are so cute together ;u; Plus, the Doctor tracked her down and practically stalked her for years… AND the episode ends with what I consider to be the Doctor asking Clara out. SO MANY FEELS.

Just for fun.

Crap sketches are crap… but I wonder if the characters are recognizable at least >.>

Also, this was going to be a continuous horizontal pic but tumblr’s annoying with sizing. And I wonder if you can tell that I got lazier and lazier L to R. Poor Jawn looks like utter shit. What is quality art?