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angel(s) falling from Heaven.

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I imagine this is how Sherlock would die if Molly was Moran.

Yes, I’m on a Maroon 5 high.

Um… so this song came up on my playlist while I was working and I couldn’t help myself…

What can I say? John’s been preparing for this moment for three years.

Lord of the Sherlock.

In which Sherlock comes back as Cumbersmaug and traumatizes Hobbit!Freeman (the Rogaine didn’t help). Smaug Holmes then returns to the Lonely Mountains with an injured tail and broken heart, but instead of forgiving Bilbo Watson, he nurses his grief into hatred and quadruple chins. He begins to pillage towns and amass riches to fill the growing emptiness in his heart. When Bilbo Watson finds Smaug Holmes again, it is too late. Buried in a thousand chins, raving maniacally to himself about “not having any friends,” Smaug Holmes can no longer be saved. Bilbo Watson is forced to slay Smaug Holmes and for the rest of his abnormally long hobbit days, he can never forgive himself.

(Lol what is wrong with me?? I’m on a crack art high or something. This was supposed to be somewhat serious at first then I got to panel 4 and it all went out the window. I CAN’T SHIP THIS WITH A STRAIGHT FACE DAMMIT!)

Click here for hi-res.

What even.

God’s prank on Sherlock and John? 

Brain dead and in need of breakfast atm. I’ll stop churning out crap art and go eat something now.

Maybe you guys will find this amusing.

(click to enlarge slightly… should be legible)

Studying for midterms so no time to finish anything new.

Have some old sketches instead~

Here’s the final piece: [Gif set form] [Text post form] [Full image on dA]

[Warning: Large vertical image / set of images]

More under the cut… (cause I don’t want to page stretch your dash)

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Read Left > Right, then Up > Down.

Hope it’s not too confusing.


So I woke up this morning, looked out the window, and was like, “HOLY FLIPPING SHIT!”


It’s blizzarding like crazy here.

Boston’s gotten a very late winter this year it seems. Didn’t start snowing for real until January if I remember correctly.


Anyways, here’s some SherlockWatson to celebrate.


- - -

…cause John would totally be the Jenny to Sherlock’s Forrest if they were childhood friends.

(Requested by patient-arctic: Kid sherlock and kid john playing in a sandbox? ouo (and maybe kid moriarty coming to bully them?) *shotforasking*)

A year ago, today, I felt your presence even in my sleep.

Now, I can only almost feel you.

And “almost” always hurts the most.

- - -

Trololol. I’m just going to keep vomitting Reichenbach feels on you guys until I can finally get over it. I might just end up fanarting this stuff until the new season comes out. Who knows.

Also, trying out a new style. Don’t know what to think of it.

Got lazy with the background and didn’t feel like drawing the kitchen …hence the random heavenly light. Ignore that.

Anyways, enjoy the angst.

P.S. Just in case you missed it, the placement of the sleeves of Sherlock’s jacket is intentional in the second panel. Think about it.

(click on click through link for higher resolution)